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Image by Louis Hansel

Our Story

"I've been fortunate to spend much of my life surrounded by great food, wine, and confections. And, I look at my Bazaar as a way I can share with my community."



I was born into a family that celebrates the intersection where food & wine meet the human experience. The time I spent as a kid stocking wine in his father’s restaurant cellar, then exploring the chef’s kitchen to see what specials were in store for the evening’s diners, primed my curiosity to explore the infinite possibilities of gastronomy.


From there, I continued to grow in the restaurant business working with my father, but also exploring other concepts up and down California. In 2015, I launched my own French concept, Brasserie Capitale, which I reimagined this spring and gave a new name, Brasserie du Monde.


It’s always been a thrill to help my guests discover new and exciting food & wine pairings in my restaurants. Now, I’m hoping to do the same for those who sign up for my wine club memberships in my bazaar.


But, the bazaar is more than just a wine club, I like to think of it as a community that provides an inclusive experience of world wines, confections, and more.


Thank you for visiting Aziz’s Bazaar. I hope you can find something you like in our store and I encourage you to sign up for one of our subscriptions today.

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